House Fire

My house caught on fire, and didn’t even know it.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, my husband and I wanted to make sure we were up early that morning because today was our “family day”. We got the kids up and dressed, breakfast was eaten in a hurry and we were out the door. We had a wonderful day at the zoo, then we took the kids to the park. It was such a great day until I got a phone call from my home security company telling me that there was a fire at our house and we needed to get there immediately. The operator told us they had already called the fire department prior to have calling us. We rushed home in a panic, thinking our home was gone. But, to our surprise, our home was still there. The laundry room had an electrical issue and malfunctioned our dryer, which needless to say, I was the one who turned it on before we had left. We got out of the car a little confused as to why it looked like the house was fine. There was smoke but no fire. One of the men from the fire department came to my husband and me, and told us that they did have to break down the door to get inside and that they came as soon as they were notified. I asked the firefighter, “Who called you?”. He said, “Your security company called because they detected the fire as soon as it started. We were able to get here in 3 minutes to be able to put it out.” Well thank goodness for that. You know you never know about these things anymore. Most people say to themselves, ” That would never happen to me!” I was one of those people.

The crazy thing is, is that my husband and I just had the security system put in about a month ago, in which I can’t take credit for that because I was against it. My husband talked me into it. I kept telling him,” Nothing is going to happen.” And ” I don’t want someone to be able to see inside my home (the people who work for the security company).” But at that moment when the “evil” security company saved my home, I was beside myself. If only it were my idea. I was so happy at that moment, I called the company who saved my home and spoke to the president of the company, praised him for his hard work and what they do for people everyday. Yes me, the one who didn’t believe in this type of company, I called and humbled myself at that very moment.

To wrap things up.

The next time you are thinking to yourself that bad things won’t happen or even that you are excluded from the bad, take it from me, YOUR NOT EXCLUDED! And if your a skeptic like me about security companies or monitoring companies, well let’s just say I am a firm believer. I now talk to friends and family about what they did for us and our children. Now I am trying to persuade my parents to do the same for their home.