About Drake Johnson’s Page

My name is Drake Johnson and I am an advocate on people who takes self defense and martial arts classes for a couple of reasons. One is that when some intruder tried to attack you, with the techniques that you learned from class, it may help save your life. Second reason is because it’s fun exercise to do whether with a group of people or using some sort of exercise equipment to help you prepare or plan just in case anything like that happens. You never know until it’s too late. Investing in some self defense and/or martial arts class will pay you back in tenfolds.

People that I’ve known for years have an even higher self esteem than folks that never took any sort of classes that they enjoy. However, it’s not too late to take one or more of these classes since it could save yours and/or someone else’s life. It would make you feel empowered and be a part of the community of people that are helping themselves. If there’s no need to use it to help you ward off an intruder, it’s just something extra to add to your skills. Taking a self defense class or so will make you look better on a resume and/or application.

My interests is definitely into taking self defense and martial arts classes, watch movies, play video games, play sports and attend concerts. I get paid to check out concerts which is where a bulk of my money comes from. However, no matter what, I feel empowered knowing that it could definitely help me if an intruder tried to someday break into my place while home and I can stop him. That is, if he or she is without any weapons that could harm me.

As you can see, this is why I created a safety and security website. I wanted other people to take advantage of what I’ve known for years and use it to protect themselves. Since you now have access to my website, now is the time to take action and get started.